Shilu Manandhar

Senior Reporter

Shilu Manandhar joined Global Press in Nepal after completing the Global Press training in 2012. She is a senior reporter at Global Press. She is a fellow of 2015 Persephone Miel Fellow of Pulitzer Center on crisis reporting. She has reported on migration issues in Qatar, global warming in the Himalayan region, and mental health issues in Nepal. She travels to rural areas in Nepal to bring out issues that have not been reported.

After studying economics, psychology and sociology, she entered journalism in 2009, reporting for Nepal’s national daily and leading magazines. Shilu came to Global Press because she wanted to work for an independent news organization dedicated to reporting the facts without bias. “I believe journalism’s sole endeavor is to share the truth. After I wrote my first Global Press story in March 2012, I knew I had found my home,” she says.