Human Rights

Trafficking Ring Suspected of Kidnapping Infants from DRC Hospitals to Supply International Demand

Child trafficking in Kisangani creates nightmares for mothers whose babies are often stolen from the hospital where they were born. Last year, in Kisangani, one of DRC’s largest cities, 36 children were reported abducted from hospitals, churches and markets. Ten are still missing.

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Human Rights

Child Homelessness in Rwanda Continues, Despite Government Efforts to Provide Homes

More Rwandan children are choosing to live on the streets, even though the government launched a major program in 2011 to give children their rights and find homes for children in institutions. A look at the issue reveals an absence of data, uncertain causes and children from ages 5 to 17 sleeping on sidewalks.

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Nepal Rebuild Stalled by State Stumbles, Despite $4.1 Billion Pledged in Aid

Donors pledged about $4.1 billion after the catastrophic April 2015 earthquake in Nepal, but the government has disbursed only $154 million, amid bureaucratic delays, shifting cabinet lineups, inadequate staffing and personnel turnover.

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