Trade Route, Once a Symbol of Stability in Disputed Region, Troubled by Restrictions

New regulations that restrict trade between the sections of Kashmir controlled by Pakistan and India have created problems for businesspeople who trade fruit and other goods grown on either side. Trade numbers have dramatically lowered at the post, which the traders say hinders connections between family members separated by the border.

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Traditional Kingdom in Uganda Fights for Control of Protected Forest

The leader of the Bunyoro Kingdom leased thousands of hectares of forest land in the kingdom’s traditional land base to a sugar company - a move members of the kingdom say will help ease their poverty. But environmentalists say the kingdom has no right to lease the land, which is part of a protested forest.

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Palm Oil Prices Skyrocket in DRC, as Demand Outpaces Production

Palm oil is a standard ingredient in Congolese kitchens, but it’s also commonly used to make soap. Now, demand is outpacing production – and some families are getting priced out of the nutritional staple.

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